Burger King Secret Menu

Have you ever wondered what’s on the Burger King Secret Menu?

There are many reasons to order from the Burger King secret menu. First, the secret menu items are often more creative and unique than the regular menu items.

In this post, I’ll take a look at some of the most popular Burger King secret menu items, and tell you how to order them.

Read on to learn more about the Burger King secret menu!

Burger King Secret Menu

What is on the Burger King Secret Menu?

Here are some additional details about some of the more popular secret menu items:

The Burger King BLT

The Burger King BLT

Whopper Junior: $1.79
Whopper: $3.49

Burger King’s famous Whopper and Whopper Jr. are the Burger King BLT versions. Both of these burgers are fantastic and delicious.

But, you can make them even more delightful by adding extra ingredients to the bun. These additional toppings will elevate the burger to a new level of deliciousness.

The Burger King Club

The Burger King Club

Price: $3.99

You can savor a unique chicken sandwich experience that’s unlike anything you’ve had at other fast-food spots. It features crispy chicken, lettuce, tomato, bacon, and cheese, all tucked between buns.

The BK Club is a spicy, juicy, and crunchy burger that outshines the original chicken sandwich. It’s so delicious that it deserves to be well-known. However, Burger King keeps it off the regular menu because they fear running out of this incredible sandwich.

The Burger King Ham & Cheese

The Burger King Ham & Cheese

Price: $1.99

It’s fun to impress your friends with some secret menu knowledge. Let me share a quick tip with you. While your friends are all ordering chicken sandwiches, why not try something unique that they might not know about?

It’s Burger King’s ham and cheese sandwich, not listed on their official menu. But with a little know-how, you can customize it to your liking. You can enjoy this budget-friendly and satisfying meal.

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Value: $1.19
Small: $1.69
Medium: $2.09
Large: $2.29

Have you ever been unsure whether to choose French fries or onion rings as your side dish? Burger King has a solution for you.

They’ve created a clever secret menu hack called “Frings,” which is a combination of both French fries and onion rings.

Mustard Whopper

Mustard Whopper

Price: $1.29

Did you know that Burger King is known for its burgers with lots of creamy mayo on the buns? It’s a great complement to the juicy patty and fresh veggies. But not everyone is a fan of mayo, so Burger King introduced the Mustard Whopper.

This classic burger is still the same beloved Whopper you adore, but it comes with zesty mustard sauce instead of creamy mayo. You can even request a combination of both sauces at no extra cost.

Rodeo Burger

Rodeo Burger

Price: $1.49

Some places refer to it as Rodeo Burgers, while others call it Rodeo King. It’s a delicious burger that’s been a part of the menu, coming and going over the years.

But here’s the secret: you can still get this burger from Burger King’s hidden menu. You’ll understand why it’s a secret when you take your first bite. The satisfying crunch of this burger is something you’re sure to enjoy.

Suicide Burger

Suicide Burger

Price: $3.99

Burger King has a secret menu item known as the Suicide Burger, priced at $3.99. Its name comes from its substantial size and indulgent toppings.

It’s not a light meal, so be ready to take it easy afterward.

Veggie Burger

Veggie Burger

Price: $8.49

The Veggie Whopper is a great choice if you’re considering a meat-free option. It includes a veggie patty, onions, tomato, lettuce, jalapeno, and cheese, providing flavors reminiscent of meat.

While it may not always be easy to find on the regular menu, you can request it from the secret menu. They’ll substitute the meat patty with a vegetable one while keeping all the standard toppings.

French Fry Burger

French Fry Burger

Small – $1.39
Medium – $2.29
Large – $2.69

Burgers and fries make a classic pair. Even if you’re not a fan, you can still appreciate the crispy, golden deliciousness of fries that complement a burger perfectly.

In the early 2000s, a devoted fan of this combo convinced Burger King to add the French Fry Burger to their menu.

Since then, French fry burgers have become a secret menu item at BK. You might not find it on the official menu, but don’t fret; it’s still available as a secret menu item for those moments when you crave one. Here’s how you can order it:

Icee Float

Icee Float

Small – $1.19
Medium – $1.59
Large – $2.09

Burger King’s secret menu item, the Icee Float, is quite rare and only available at select locations. It’s not your average hidden menu find; it’s something special.

If you’re in the know and happen to be in the right place, you can savor this unique frozen treat.

It’s a delightful blend of slushy and ice cream, creating the perfect ice float. While most Burger King locations have the equipment to make it, not all have the item listed on the cash register. However, if you ask politely, you might just be able to enjoy one.

Final Words

Burger King Secret Menu is like a hidden treasure chest of delicious surprises waiting for you to discover.

Thanks for reading this post about the Burger King secret menu! I hope you enjoyed learning about all the delicious items you can order that aren’t on the regular menu.

If you have any other questions about Burger King or fast food in general, please feel free to ask me. I’m always happy to help.


What is Burger King’s Secret Menu?

Burger King’s Secret Menu is a collection of unique and customized burger options that are not listed on the regular menu.

Can I order from the Secret Menu at any Burger King location?

Yes, you can order from the Secret Menu at most Burger King locations, but it’s not guaranteed. It depends on the store’s willingness to prepare these special items.

How do I know what’s on the Secret Menu?

The Secret Menu items aren’t usually displayed, so you’ll need to know the specific order or recipe to request them. You can find them online or in our guide.

Is there an extra charge for Secret Menu items?

Secret Menu items may cost more than regular menu items because of the customizations. Prices can vary by location.

Can I customize Secret Menu items further?

Absolutely! You can ask for specific additions or substitutions to make your Secret Menu item even more personalized.

Are Secret Menu items available during all hours of operation?

Availability can vary. Some locations may only prepare Secret Menu items during specific hours or on certain days.

Do I have to say specific names to order Secret Menu items?

You can describe the ingredients or modifications you want, and the staff should be able to make it for you.

Can I get Secret Menu items through the drive-thru?

Yes, you can usually order Secret Menu items through the drive-thru, just like regular menu items.

What if I don’t like an ingredient in a Secret Menu item?

You can often ask for specific ingredients to be omitted or substituted to match your preferences.

Is the Secret Menu the same at every Burger King?

No, the Secret Menu can vary from location to location, and some stores might have unique items.

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