Burger King Oreo Cookie Shake Prices


  • Introduction
  • Overview of Burger King’s Oreo cookie shake
  • Burger King Oreo cookie shake price
  • Burger King Oreo cookie shake ingredients
  • Taste and Texture
  • Creamy, thick, icy, sweet
  • Chocolate and cookie pieces
  • Nutrition Information
  • High in calories, sugar, fat
  • Customization Options
  • Size, toppings (whipped cream, etc.)
  • Availability
  • Limited-time offering
  • Popularity
  • Satisfies sweet and cookie cravings
  • Unique from typical chocolate shake
  • Conclusion
  • An indulgent twist on a classic shake

Burger King Oreo Cookie Shake

For cookie lovers, the Burger King Oreo cookie shake delivers the perfect sweet icy blended treat. Vanilla soft serve gets swirled with Oreo cookie pieces and chocolate syrup, creating a chilled dessert drink bursting with flavor.

The Burger King Oreo cookie shake price is affordable, usually around $3-5 based on size. As a limited-time offering, the price makes it enticing to try this unique twist on a classic fast food dessert.

At its base, the Burger King Oreo cookie shake ingredients keep things simple: soft serve ice cream blended with milk then swirled with Oreo crumbs and chocolate syrup. The crunchy cookie pieces provide delicious texture contrasting the thick, creamy base.

Make no mistake – while delicious, this shake clocks in high both in Burger King Oreo shake calories and sugar content. A small starts at 550 calories and 56g sugar – so it’s an indulgent snack. But the blended cookie creation satisfies cravings in a creative way not found in a typical chocolate or vanilla shake.

The Oreo flavors lend themselves nicely to customization too. Patrons can select shake size and top it off with additions like more Oreo pieces, chocolate drizzle, or whipped cream.

As a limited-batch offering, the Oreo shake keeps guests returning during its short-lived menu runs. Its unique sweet flavors and crunchy cookie texture provide the perfect dessert drink for cookie lovers. It takes the classic drive-thru shake up a notch for anyone craving a creamy, ice cold Oreo fix.

Burger King Oreo Cookie Shake Prices

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Cracking the Code: Decoding Burger King Oreo Cookie Shake Ingredients

  • What’s in the shake? This section dives into the key ingredients that make up the milkshake, including:
    • Creamy base: Vanilla soft serve or ice cream? Discover the foundation of this delicious treat.
    • Oreo magic: Crushed cookies or syrup? Explore the source of that irresistible Oreo flavor.
    • Sweet symphony: Sugar, artificial sweeteners, or hidden sources of sweetness? Uncover the ingredients that satisfy your sugar cravings.
    • Texture secrets: Thickeners and stabilizers keep the shake smooth and enjoyable. Learn what keeps it from being just another drink.
    • Flavor enhancers: Are there any secret spices or extracts that elevate the taste? Uncover any unexpected additions that contribute to the unique flavor profile.
  • Price, Nutrition, and More: Your Burger King Oreo Cookie Shake Guide
    • How much does indulgence cost? Explore the price point of the shake in different sizes and locations, helping you find the perfect value.
    • Counting calories: Calories, sugar, fat, and other nutrients are laid bare, aiding informed choices about your sweet treat.
    • Size matters: From small to large, discover the perfect size to satisfy your cravings without overindulging.
    • Shake it your way: Can you add toppings or mix-ins? Explore ways to personalize your milkshake experience.
    • Seasonal availability: Is this a year-round treat or a limited-edition delight? Get the scoop on when to enjoy it.
    • The competition heats up: How does the Burger King Oreo Cookie Shake stack up against similar offerings from other fast-food chains? Find your perfect match!
  • DIY Delight: Crafting Your Own Burger King Oreo Cookie Shake at Home
  • Craving control: This section empowers you to create a homemade version of the milkshake, offering:
    • Ingredient substitutes: Find readily available alternatives for any unique components.
    • Step-by-step instructions: Follow the clear guide to recreate the taste and texture you love.
    • Customization tips: Experiment with different toppings, mix-ins, and flavor variations to make it your own.


For a unique twist on classic fast food shake flavors, the Burger King Oreo Cookie shake blends signature cookies into a sweet tasty treat. Its limited availability and indulge dessert profile keeps patrons returning when craving chilled cookie refreshment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of a Burger King Oreo cookie shake?

The Oreo shake costs between $3-5 depending on size. As a limited item, prices can vary by season and location.

Does the Oreo shake contain real Oreo cookie pieces?

Yes, the shake contains both Oreo cookie crumbs blended in and larger Oreo pieces throughout for crunch.

Is Burger King’s Oreo shake available year-round?

No, the Oreo cookie shake is a limited-edition seasonal item only offered for short windows a few times a year.

Can you substitute the Oreo shake base for vanilla or chocolate?

No – the base is Oreo flavored, but you can add chocolate or other toppings. Vanilla and chocolate shakes are sold separately.

Are calories higher in an Oreo vs chocolate shake at Burger King?

Calories are similar, but the Oreo tends to be slightly higher in calories and sugar overall compared to an equal-sized chocolate shake.

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